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Briarpatch Amateur Radio Club of the Twin Counties

 W4BRC REPEATER 147.69/09


Welcome to the Briarpatch Amateur Radio Club web page.

The  BRIARPATCH AMATEUR RADIO CLUB (BARC) serves amateur radio operators (hams) in the Galax, Virginia area.  Club members live in southwest Virginia and northwest North Carolina. The club maintains the Briarpatch Mountain repeater, W4BRC/R, 147.69/09.   The club is active in several local events such as the March of Dimes Walkathon and MS Walk, Boy Scout's Jamboree On The Air (JOTA), conducts a weekly net on Tuesdays at 8 pm local time on W4BRC/R , awards the Charles Litz - Dave Nicholson Memorial Scholarship and has an active Volunteer Examination Team.  If you have questions about the club, amateur exams or amateur radio in general please contact a club member or visit a regularly scheduled club meeting.  Anyone interested in amateur radio and guests are always welcome.  BARC is named after Briarpatch Mountain in Grayson County Virginia where the club was formed and where the club repeater is located.

**The 2017 BARC Service Net net controls are listed below. 

May:  2 - KD4RD; 9 - AJ4BD; 16 - W4RDX; 23 - TBA; 30 - N4YXU

June:  6 - WD4LHB; 13 - KQ4AZ; 20 - KI4CPJ; 27 - KD4RD

July:  4 - AJ4BD; 11 - W4RDX; 18 - TBA; 25 - N4YXU

August:  1 WD4LHB; 8 - KQ4AZ; 15 - KI4CPJ; 22 - KD4RD; 29 - AJ4BD

September:  5 - W4RDX; 12 - TBA; 19 - N4YXU; 26 - WD4LHB

October:  3 - KQ4AZ; 10 - KI4CPJ; 17 - KD4RD; 24 - AJ4BD; 31 - TBA

November:  7 - W4RDX; 14 - N4YXU; 21 - WD4LHB; 28 - KQ4AZ

December:  5 - KD4RD; 12 - AJ4BD; 19 - TBA; 26 - N4YXU

Also please see the BARC Service Net page for the net Preamble download

Dues are due.  See the news page for details.

Looking for birthday or anniversary presents for your favorite ham or YOURSELF?  Check out the SWAP AND SHOP page and help out your fellow club members.  New items added 6-29-16. 

**Club roster: see the Roster page REVISED JUNE 27, 2015 


**Silent Key & Lifetime member lists are now on the Roster page


**Do not forget the BARC Service Net on Tuesdays.  See the net page.

**Check the Just4Fun page for a link to a "Ham Speak" site.  Find out where all of those abbreviations and funny numbers came from.


Club Calendar

April 27 club meeting

May 25 club meeting

June Field Day (no club meeting)

July 13 VE testing

July 27 club meeting

October 12 VE Testing

December Club Christmas Dinner TBA

2017 Club Officers
President:  Rick Beaver, KQ4AZ  

Vice President:  Ron Davis, KD4RD                                                                          

Secretary:  Linda Davis, KD4LBD 
Treasurer:  Beverly Tipton, KI4JTV

Technical Chairman:  Junior Diamond, N4VL                                                                          

 Public Information Officer:  Melanie Puckett, KD4PXJ                                                     

Web Master:  James Blythe, W4RDX

PAGE UPDATED 4/27/2017