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Boat anchor - OLD piece of radio gear, generally large and tube type
Bricked - To render a device inoperative by an action or attempted fix that goes awry.

Destinate (an old standard) - To arrive at your destination - "I have to sign off because I have destinated."

EJectrode - A straight pin, paper clip or other small pokey thing used to engage the mechanical eject button or hit a reset button.

QRP - When you care enough to send the very least. (just for KB4GHT)

Smoke test - To push a new piece of equipment to its limits to see if it fails before the warranty runs out.

Smoked - See above!

Super Bunny - BARC member!

We all like word games?  If you reassemble the letters in:

"THE MORSE CODE"     you get:

"HERE COME DOTS"     Yes, someone has too much time.


Check THIS SITE for all the information you want concerning where hams got these odd words, phrases, abbreviations and number combinations,  Very interesting site for old and new hams alike.  Do you know why we are called "HAMS"?

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